Towering titans
Blotting out the sun
Sprinting through shadows
The lower echelons cower
and pray for deliverance

Under foot lays a holocaust
Snapping bones ground into the flesh
While pulped remains intertwine
With the bloody ground
Marching towards the harbinger in the sky

It's divine, the power that we derive from our stature
Invincible detached from reality of our lessors
Convincing them that we are the creators

Pinnacle of creation standing before your eyes

Surgical decimation
Eliminate competition
Bring the watch dogs to heel
Wrest levers of power from your hands

Scorch the Earth
Drain the seas
Crush resistance
Your acquiescence mere formality


from The Catalyst, released May 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Extinction Level Event Winston Salem, North Carolina

Born in blood, forged in steel. Extinction Level Event brings dark, heavy grooves to an unprepared world.

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