The Catalyst

by Extinction Level Event

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released May 5, 2015

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered at Ryan Reedy Music Studios
EP Art / Visuals : KPearson Media



all rights reserved


Extinction Level Event Winston Salem, North Carolina

Born in blood, forged in steel. Extinction Level Event brings dark, heavy grooves to an unprepared world.

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Track Name: Will To Live
Belligerent, unrepentant
Firmly rooted to this weight that traps your soul
In a fantastical delusion
The center of all things
The light for all
To follow
the beacon
A siren's call

Your existence glutinous
With a reach, powerful
Your life an all consuming farce
Declare yourself the cleansing light
To wash away reality
Bend space time to suit your needs
Distorted perspective all you can see

Glutinous, powerful
All consuming entity

Just to fuel your desire
We're striped to the core
Beaten and dragged past the horizon
Stretched past the breaking point
Track Name: Alive Within
Thrust into this world
a light to find our way
twisting path we lead
into uncertainty

Pushing my way through
with every ragged breath
the life I see around me
familiar yet so strange

Foreboding, presence fills my mind
Racing, a goal undefined
Will I awake, find this world a fever dream
Am I a guest, forever
Entrapped, Malevolent
Host guides me to my fate

Pushing my way through
with every ragged breath
the chance to see the dawn
keeps me alive within this prison

Trapped inside, no way out
Trapped inside, no way out

Madness seeps into my veins
Twisting contorting again
I'm forced to face my fate unknown
Puppet master compels me forth

Escape the master's hand
Take a leap of faith
Find my own way (To Rebuild)
to begin again
Track Name: Extinction Level Event
Darkness crawls across the sky
Bringing your era to an end
Ground shattering presence
Lurks behind your shoulder
New day is at hand
Your acquiescence, has paved the way

Bound to the earth, blinded delusions
Flock is left to be

Crushed by the impact
Swept away in the flood
Become one with the ashes
Slowly succumb to the pathogens
And drift away

Day after day
An overwhelming force takes hold and
Pushes us to the brink

Now death pours from the sky
Lungs fill with a toxic malaise
Catatonic state
Too late to curse and fight
We're a dying breed caught on the losing side
Track Name: Layers Of My Flesh
Banished from the greater realm
Our domination cast aside
To slumber, wait for the coming reckoning

To regain our place among this world
As the eons, pass, power consolidates

Under mountains of pressure
Catalyst erupts
Tear the tomb
Ignore the cries the oracle

To regain our place among this world
As the eons, pass, power consolidates

In the layers of my flesh
Unlocked and transformed
Shadow of my former self
Reunited we rise and take to the sky
To unleash apocalypse

Our plan takes shape
Correct the errors of this world
From the fires we rise
Vengeful spirits take flight

Peeled away layer by layer
Tilll there's nothing left
You've come too far
To cap your progress
In your final breath it will be I that fills your lung
Track Name: Destroyer
Towering titans
Blotting out the sun
Sprinting through shadows
The lower echelons cower
and pray for deliverance

Under foot lays a holocaust
Snapping bones ground into the flesh
While pulped remains intertwine
With the bloody ground
Marching towards the harbinger in the sky

It's divine, the power that we derive from our stature
Invincible detached from reality of our lessors
Convincing them that we are the creators

Pinnacle of creation standing before your eyes

Surgical decimation
Eliminate competition
Bring the watch dogs to heel
Wrest levers of power from your hands

Scorch the Earth
Drain the seas
Crush resistance
Your acquiescence mere formality
Track Name: Entropy
Give yourself, over to the coming entropy
Free your mind from the fear of life's uncertainties
Give your thoughts to task that is at hand
Don't lose the forest in the trees

Keep in mind that the woods are more than what they seem
Dirt to mud, life to death, born in spontaneity

Irreversible, unpredictable
The world just what it seems
Cyclical chaos forever repeating

The foolhardy cling to the path
Beneath their feet the ground erodes

Spontaneous. Irreversible. Uncertainty.
Evolving chaos takes control